Warrior Featured Artist Dennis Gowder

Dennis Gowder - Warrior Featured Artist

Warriors: Dran Michael, Bella '62

Dennis Gowder hails from Columbia, Tennessee. Known for his unique rhythmic beat box bass artistry, Dennis is quickly become recognized by his peers as a true innovator of the bass guitar. Regi Wooten has been a mentor to Dennis since the age of 15, guiding him through the discovery of his personal playing styling. Known for his own unique brand of musical talents, Regi has referred to Dennis as his “inspiration”, and has recognized Dennis’ desire to “play without any rule or reservations” and admires the way that Dennis “values the freedom he feels and emotes while playing”.

At the age of 16, Dennis finished in 1st place at the annual Mars Music Extreme Bass Competition. Since then Dennis has toured the world sharing his own brand of bass playing, and love of music with people. Dennis also had the honor of being asked to perform with Danny Gottlieb at the Muriel Anderson’s All Star Guitar night, as well as being a featured performer at the World Catholic Youth Fest in Toronto, Canada.

Feeling that there’s always room for growth, Dennis actively strives to exceed his own personal expectations, exploring new ways in which to expand the boundaries of where he has taken his already taken his playing. Dennis Gowder is definitely someone every bass player should become familiar with, as he has much wisdom to share and so much more to give the world of music.

Dennis Gowder Dennis Gowder Dennis Gowder Dennis Gowder

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