Warrior Custom Handcrafted Bass building process

Warrior's Custom Bass Building Process - Hand Crafted Bass

Warrior Basses are built with personal craftsmanship at every stage. Your bass build starts with your dream and desired tone. The wood selected and each element of the design is crafted to give voice to your dream.

Warrior Design Family

Choose from our custom family of basses:

Warrior Neck: "The muscle of the bass"

  • Wood is chosen for grain orientation, color, and strength.
  • Dimensioned, planed, and joined for resonation.

Warrior Body: "The Voice of the bass"

  • Wood is chosen based on tone, resonance, and sustain.
  • Top is quarter-sawn to produce mirrored, "book matched" pieces.
  • Body wings are sized to approximate size and shape of the body, and sub-assembled using a 1700 psi vacuum press.

The Feel of the Neck

  • Final straightening.
  • Truss rod route, and profiled.
  • Carved.

Body Wings to Neck: "Taking flight"

  • Body wings are sized, straightened, and joined.
  • Neck is final tapered.

Body Design Sculpting

  • Contour and sculpting.
  • Electronic cavities carved.

Bass Soundboard

  • Seasoned wood choice.
  • Profiled to the final thickness.
  • Custom radius.

Artist Inlay

  • Master crafted and designed with heart and vision.
  • Materials chosen to complement the design and tone of the bass.

Vintage Technique for Resonance of Fretboard/Neck

  • Fretboard fret-slot.
  • Dual action truss rod.
  • Fretboard is joined to neck with temperature gauged.

Fretting the Bass

  • Precision cut.
  • Hand hammered.
  • 24 hour cure time.

The Headstock

  • Custom card.
  • Inlayed.
  • Tuner holes and shape.

Final Shaping and Sanding

  • Sculpting.
  • Final sand.
  • Super shielded.

Dran Michael Finishes


  • Electronics.
  • Fret dress and nut.
  • Hardware.
  • Artist setup.
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