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Warrior Bass Guitars - Hand Crafted - Boutique at its Best!

Warrior Bass Guitars are unparalleled handmade basses for professionals, collectors and enthusiasts. The style, class and superior sound that Warrior Bass Guitars are known for has evolved through the company's heart-felt commitment to excellence. Nestled in the wooded hills of Northern Georgia, a beautiful area historically known for its creativity, the Warrior Design Facility is a fully equipped haven where trained craftsmen and artisans create one-of-a-kind custom bass guitars that are both technically and aesthetically magnificent.

Great Bass Tone Starts With the Wood

"I believe that wood breathes, wood lives, and wood has a voice. It is an embodiment of time and history. I like to think of the forest as the birthplace of this legendary tone we all search for. Every fiber and structure, aged to perfection with years of growth and care makes up our family's collection of woods."

- JDran

Warrior's Family of Basses

Jermaine Morgan plays Warrior basses

The Warrior Family

Warrior is about family! When you experience the process of having your Warrior Bass hand crafted to your specifications, it is very personal. The feeling that accompanies having your dream bass customized to your personality gives you a connection with your instrument, and to our family of craftsmen here at Warrior Instruments. Beyond that, it extends the family bond to everyone who plays Warrior Instruments. You share something special with a unique group of bass professionals, collectors and enthusiasts.

Meet the Family

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From Our Family to Yours!

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